The NAGGL Conference in Nashville: Adapting to Change in Small Business Lending

Lender Consulting Services (LCS), had the pleasure of attending the NAGGL conference in Nashville. The discussions were not only enlightening but also indicative of the shifting paradigms in the small business lending landscape. Here, we share some pivotal takeaways from the conference and how LCS is uniquely positioned to assist SBA lenders through comprehensive due diligence services.

Economic Impacts and Adjusting to New Normals

The conference shed light on how small businesses are still navigating through the repercussions of economic shifts, notably the adjustments in interest rates. Although there’s an uptick in loan demand as businesses strive for stability, the landscape remains fraught with challenges like increased operational costs and rising minimum wages. In these times, the resilience of small businesses and the strategic support they receive are crucial for sustainability.

Portfolio Management Trends: Navigating Liquidations and Stress

A significant trend discussed was the rise in liquidation deals, pointing to underlying stress in certain business sectors due to escalating costs. This scenario underscores the importance of vigilant portfolio management and the need for lenders to adapt to swiftly changing economic conditions.

Growth Expectations in Small Business Lending

Panelists expressed optimism about growth in small business lending volumes. However, this growth is tempered by economic unpredictability, emphasizing the need for meticulous underwriting and risk assessment.

The Crucial Role of Technology and Human Insight

Technology’s role in lending was a key topic, with a consensus that while technology boosts efficiency and process speed, the indispensable human element in decision-making cannot be understated. As industry professionals, we must leverage technology to aid our operations without overshadowing the critical judgment and experience that define our field.

Regulatory Changes and Lender Challenges

The discussions also touched on the evolving regulatory environment and its impact on lending practices. Lenders are urged to remain adaptable, ensuring compliance while also being prepared for shifts in loan guarantee structures and other regulatory aspects.

How LCS Supports SBA Lenders Through Due Diligence

At LCS, we understand the complexities involved in small business lending, especially under the SBA framework. Our services are designed to assist lenders in navigating these complexities through specialized due diligence support in Environmental, Appraisal, and Construction needs.

  • Environmental Due Diligence: At LCS, we deliver comprehensive environmental due diligence services that fulfill SBA’s requirements across a broad spectrum, including Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA), Transaction Screens, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, and Peer Reviews. Our expert team ensures each report is meticulously prepared, meeting the stringent standards set by SBA guidelines, thus safeguarding lenders from potential environmental liabilities and ensuring informed decision-making throughout the lending process.
  • Appraisal Services: Our appraisal services are tailored to provide accurate property valuations, which are crucial for proper loan collateralization. Understanding the real value of property in these fluctuating markets can be the difference between a successful loan and a potential default.
  • Construction Due Diligence: We support lenders with detailed oversight of construction projects, ensuring that all aspects of the construction loans are transparent and align with SBA guidelines. This includes monitoring construction progress and verifying the use of funds according to the plan.


The NAGGL conference was a reminder of the dynamic nature of the small business lending industry. As we look forward, LCS is committed to supporting our partners through these changes with expert due diligence services that not only ensure compliance and risk mitigation but also foster successful lending outcomes. By combining seasoned expertise with strategic service offerings, LCS is helping SBA lenders navigate the complexities of today’s lending environment, ensuring that small businesses continue to thrive in these challenging times.

To learn more, reach out to Liz Mahoney, Director of Sales & Business Development today.