Appraisal Services

Lender Consulting Services is a premier provider of third-party due diligence reports for commercial, 1-4 family residential, and corporate real estate.

LCS can significantly reduce your valuation, appraisal review, and property condition inspection costs while protecting you from liability and loss.

The LCS Advantage

  • Lender Consulting Services provides commercial real estate evaluations throughout the United States, where permitted.
  • Bank oriented approach to client service.
  • The LCS Valuation Department has a staff of real estate professionals with extensive due diligence experience.
  • LCS’ Valuation Division provides property condition inspections throughout all 50 states.

A Customized Approach

  • Lender Consulting Services focuses on establishing a clear understanding of specific benchmarks in the valuation process.
  • LCS’ SVP of Valuation Services works with each client on lender-specific requirements, and incorporates those requirements into the review process.
  • LCS’ experienced staff of appraisers thoroughly check each report and resolve discrepancies. Our goal is to ensure that you receive an actionable report ready for use in underwriting.
  • Customized report formats to meet the needs of our valued clients.

Federal Compliance

  • Lender Consulting Services’ quality control reviews 100 percent of all valuation assignments for compliance with USPAP/FIRREA/Interagency Guidelines as well as client-specific requirements.
  • We provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing  the information you receive is accurate, complete, and in full federal compliance.
  • At LCS, we provide a broad spectrum of valuation services and products that give you the ability to create true and insightful assessments of your transactions.


LCS provides commercial evaluation services for small balance commercial loans, either on the standard LCS Evaluation Form or on a lender-specific form, in states where these types of reports are permitted.

A standard evaluation from LCS includes:

  • Subject Property Information
  • Subject Market Information
  • Subject Neighborhood Information
  • Three Closed Comparable Sales
  • Three Listing Comparable Sales
  • Estimated Market Price

Commercial Property Information Reports

For the situations, or markets, where an automated product may not be an option, LCS provides the Commercial Property Information Report. These reports can be used by a lender to help their in-house evaluators determine the condition of the property as well as derive their own estimate of market value. Completed by a real estate professional in the subject property’s market, the Commercial Property Information Report includes:

  • Subject Property Information
  • Subject Market Information
  • Subject Neighborhood Information

The report is accompanied by photographs of the subject property.

Commercial and Residential Appraisal Review Services

LCS’ review services comply with the federal government’s direction regarding appraisal reviews. Our appraisers will review the original appraisal for compliance with USPAP/FIRREA as well as lender-specific requirements as outlined in the engagement letter. The appraiser will provide an opinion of the quality of the appraisal, and will highlight any deficiencies in the report.

Appraisal Resources

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