Understanding The Nuts and Bolts of Automotive Repair

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Join LCS on Tuesday, June 6th, at 2 PM, for our free live webinar, “Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of Automotive Repair.” Hear from the experts as they discuss the most common features and concerns encountered in automotive repair operations to aid in environmental risk management decisions.

About the Webinar

Automotive repair operations typically store, handle, and utilize petroleum products and/or chlorinated solvents. Accidental releases and improper storage and handling practices can lead to environmental liability. In this webinar, the senior leadership of LCS’ Environmental Due Diligence department will discuss the most common features and concerns encountered in automotive repair operations to aid in environmental risk management decisions.

About the Speakers

Julie Daly

SVP, Environmental Services

Ms. Daly has over fourteen years of experience in various aspects of the environmental field including laboratory analysis, environmental compliance, research and site investigation. She was previously a Project Manager with an environmental consulting firm in the greater NYC area.

Ms. Daly has conducted and reviewed countless Environmental Site Assessments across the United States for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. This has included all aspects of data collection, data review and report preparation. Her responsibilities have also included conducting asbestos surveys, conducting lead-based paint surveys, managing large property portfolios, training environmental professionals and assisting in Phase II investigations. In addition, Mrs. Daly performs construction-related services, including Construction Draw inspections.

Douglas Reid

SVP, Environmental Services

Douglas Reid is the Sr. VP of Environmental Services for Lender Consulting Services, Inc. and works with LCS’ clients assisting with environmental risk management, consulting on potential liabilities and providing practical solutions for identified concerns associated with commercial real estate located anywhere in North America.

To date, Mr. Reid has completed or been directly involved with more than 10,000 Phase I, Transaction Screen Environmental Site Assessments, Underground Storage Tank abandonments, Vapor Intrusion assessments, Remedial Investigations, Feasibility Studies and Remediation projects. Previously, Mr. Reid worked as a consultant to major oil companies working on gasoline stations and major oil storage facilities. Mr. Reid graduated from Slippery Rock University, located in Pennsylvania, in 1995, with a B.S. in Environmental Science.

Heather Lamb

VP, Environmental Due Diligence Services

Heather’s primary focus is in the operations of LCS’ Environmental Due Diligence Department. Specifically, she oversees report preparation and review, and provides mentoring to Senior Reviewers. Her duties also include interfacing with clients, lenders, and third-party database providers. Heather is versed in all levels of LCS’ Environmental Due Diligence products.

Heather is also a certified ASTM Environmental Professional. With over 21 years of experience in the environmental field, Heather’s expertise includes: Desktop Reports (Questionnaire & Database Reviews, RSRAs), Environmental Site Assessments & Due Diligence (TSA, Phase I, Phase II), Third-Party Environmental Report Review, and Technical Reporting & Data Analysis.