Where Has LCS Been in 2024?

Mike, Liz, and Steve from LCS

At LCS, our commitment to continuous learning and development is ingrained in our ethos. We understand that each lending scenario presents its own set of intricacies, mirroring the diversity of lending institutions. Recognizing this diversity, we understand why off-the-shelf solutions often fall short in addressing the dynamic requirements of today’s market and the evolving regulatory landscape. To ensure we remain at the forefront of industry best practices, we actively participate in numerous conferences and events throughout the year. These gatherings serve as invaluable platforms for us to broaden our understanding and anticipate emerging trends within the due diligence sector. By actively engaging with industry peers and thought leaders, we are better equipped to adapt and innovate, thereby delivering optimal solutions to our clients.


MBA of NY- NYC Development Breakfast March 14th

MBA of NY – NYC Development Breakfast

March 14th | New York, NY

In the transition from 2023 to 2024, the economic landscape has shown a mix of hopeful signs and challenges. While sales experienced consistent annual growth over several months, the trajectory was disrupted by rising interest rates, leading to a decline in March sales compared to the previous year. Factors such as mortgage rates and limited supply in desirable areas continue to exert pressure on the market. Manhattan’s for-sale inventory has reached its lowest point since 2016, with supply dynamics varying across price points and submarkets. With a dwindling pipeline, inventory is expected to further decrease in the short term. These shifts in supply and demand have also influenced pricing trends, particularly evident in the downward adjustment of new development prices in response to market conditions. Despite these challenges, resale pricing remains relatively stable, supported by low supply in key neighborhoods and increased luxury resale activity amid limited prime new development options.


Philadelphia Construction and Development Summit 2024

Philadelphia Construction and Development Summit

March 12th | Philadelphia, PA

Explore innovative financing trends, sustainable practices, and technology’s role in real estate development with LCS after their participation in the Philadelphia Construction and Development Summit. Let LCS guide you through market analysis and construction due diligence.


High Yield, Distressed Assets and Servicing Conference

CREFC High Yield, Distressed Assets and Servicing Conference

March 6th | New York, NY

LCS recently attended a comprehensive event hosted by CREFC, focusing on navigating the complexities of the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Discussions covered strategies for lending, loan servicing, and handling the risks associated with refinancing and CRE workouts amid volatile markets. Insights were shared on managing economic uncertainties, optimizing loan servicing, and addressing the refinancing challenges of substantial CRE debt. The importance of strategic decision-making and risk management was highlighted, particularly through real-life case studies from industry veterans. This event proved invaluable for industry professionals seeking to navigate today’s dynamic CRE marketplace.


LCS at NPLA Conference 2024

National Private Lending Conference

March 6th | Miami, Florida

The NPLA conference highlighted critical advancements and trends in the private lending and real estate sectors, focusing on the transformative power of technology, market adaptability, and the importance of data-driven decision-making. LCS, participating in this pivotal event, emphasized its commitment to leveraging these insights to enhance due diligence and risk management for private money lenders. By integrating technological advancements, responding proactively to market changes, and prioritizing operational efficiency and client relationships, LCS ensures that its clients are well-equipped to make informed lending decisions amidst an evolving market landscape. The event reinforced the need for innovation, adaptability, and informed risk management strategies, all areas where LCS is poised to provide comprehensive support and guidance to its partners and clients.

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LCS at American Lending Conference 2024

1st American Lending Conference for Private Money Lenders

February 28-29th | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

LCS was a Ruby Sponsor for The American Lending Conference, which provided invaluable insights into the private lending industry, emphasizing the need for embracing technology and education, understanding customer needs, agility in market fluctuations, and the nuances of ground-up construction. The importance of building strong relationships and networks was also highlighted as a cornerstone for success. LCS can significantly support Private Money Lenders through services such as comprehensive appraisal, environmental due diligence, and construction due diligence, helping them make informed decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and foster sustainable growth in a complex market landscape.


CREW Taking Flight Event 2024

CREW Take Flight Event

February 15th

Delving into personality styles and their influence in professional settings is truly enlightening. The assessment provided a detailed breakdown of individual traits and how they intersect with others, fostering a greater understanding of self and others. By identifying our unique “bird styles,” collaboration, communication, and leadership skills were enhanced. The analogy to bird types added a fun and relatable element to the learning process. This experience has undoubtedly brought about valuable insights into workplace dynamics and personal relationships.


CREW Network – Leadership Summit

February 7-9th | Fort Worth, TX

This year’s CREW Leadership Summit in Fort Worth was a beacon of inspiration, thanks to the incredible presentation by Merrick Rosenberg, author of “The Chameleon.” His session was not just an exploration of leadership styles but a deep dive into understanding and harnessing our communication powers to foster better teamwork and leadership.
Rosenberg’s analogy of the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl personalities offered us a mirror to see not just who we are but how we interact with those around us. His emphasis on the vital role of listening and adapting to the communication needs of different personalities was a game-changer.

Participating in workshops where we embodied these bird personalities, we learned firsthand the importance of tailoring our communication to meet others where they are. This practical exercise in empathy and understanding underscored a fundamental leadership truth: effective communication is not only about what we say, but how it’s received and understood by others.

For us at LCS, Rosenberg’s insights are invaluable. Understanding our own styles and those of our team allows us to communicate more effectively, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect.

The leadership summit was a reminder that in our diverse teams, being a chameleon is not about losing our identity but enriching our interactions through flexibility and understanding. This approach will enable us to meet our clients’ needs more effectively, creating lasting impacts in the industries we serve.


Liz Mahoney at CREW February Luncheon

February CREW NY Luncheon – Economic Forecast

February 6th | New York, NY

The presentation delved into the current economic challenges and their implications for CRE. They discussed the macroeconomic trends, including interest rates and inflation, and analyzed their impact on investment, development, and market dynamics. The speakers also provided insights into strategies for navigating these challenges, emphasizing resilience, adaptability, and innovation in the CRE sector. The session was rich with data, forecasts, and actionable advice for professionals in the field.

LCS at the MBA Institutional Advancement Breakfast

MBA of NY 2024 Institutional Investment Outlook Breakfast

January 25th | New York, NY

A dive into the latest trends and expert opinions shaping the future of commercial real estate investment. Jim Costello from MSCI presented his 2024 CRE Investment Forecast to an eager audience. Esteemed panelists included Matthew Giammona, Daniel Buehrens, and Philip J. McAndrews, who enriched the discussion with their invaluable insights and leadership in the industry.

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